RIME 2017

5th International Conference for Research in Medical Education
Workplace based Learning, Teaching and Assessment throughout the lifelong Professional Career
15 - 17 March 2017 • Düsseldorf/Germany

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Open Formats

RIME 2017 offered a broad variety of innovative and interactive formats:

Pecha Kucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). The format keeps presentations concise and fast-paced

Please see here an video presentation on Pecha Kucha:

BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences primarily focused around technology and the web. It's is an open, participatory workshop-event, the content of which is provided by participants. 

Unlike traditional conference formats, BarCamps have a self-organizing character, relying on the passion and the responsibility of the participants. Attendees schedule sessions by writing on a whiteboard or putting a Post-It note on a 'grid' of sessions. 

Although the format is loosely structured, there are rules at BarCamp. All attendees have been encouraged to present or facilitate a session or otherwise contribute to the event. 

Please see here an video presentation on a Bar Camp:

The World Café is a structured conversational process intended to facilitate open and intimate discussion, and link ideas within a larger group to access the "collective intelligence" or Collective wisdom in the room. Participants move between a series of tables where they continue the discussion in response to a set of questions, which are predetermined and focused on the specific goals of each World Café. An informal ambience was created in order to facilitate conversation and represent a third place. 

Please see here an video presentation on a World Café: