RIME 2017

5th International Conference for Research in Medical Education
Workplace based Learning, Teaching and Assessment throughout the lifelong Professional Career
15 - 17 March 2017 • Düsseldorf/Germany

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On RIME 2017

Learning in a clinical environment with real patients involves knowledge, skills and attitudes within a complex area. It therefore needs educational supervision with appropriate teaching and assessment formats. Especially the assessment of clinical performance on what doctors actually do in real practice is becoming increasingly important in under- and postgraduate medical education, and in the continuing medical education (CME) and continuing professional development (CPD) as well.

We addressed a broad target group from different professions in health care, including members of medical education societies, medical faculties, medical organisations and private hospital operators as well.


There are a large number of questions refering to the evidence of workplace based learning, teaching and assessment which was in the focus of interest during RIME 2017, for example:

How does Workplace Based Learning, Teaching and Assessment work?

Theories behind, Learning Theories, Neuropsychology
Teachers´s Perspective, Students Experiences
Empirical Evidence, Observations
Prerequisites/ Ressources, Barriers

What is the Impact of Workplace Based Learning, Teaching and Assessment?

Measurement of Performance
Patient Experiences, Outcomes
Comparative Studies
Postgraduate/Professional Performance
Measurment of Impact, Evaluation of Outcome

How to best Stimulate Workplace Based Teaching, Learning and Assessment?

Role Modelling
Process Evaluation, Reflection of Experiences
Preparation, Ressources, Support, Faculty Development
Technical, IT Facilities, Nnew/Social Media

During RIME 2017 we focussed on innovative formats!